• Kriota Willberg

    Kriota Willberg

    Cartoonist (graphic medicine), textile artist, health science educator, massage therapist. Author of Draw Stronger: Self-Care for Cartoonists and Visual Artists

  • Ahmad Faizal

    Ahmad Faizal

  • Mathew New

    Mathew New

    Drawing comics and taking naps. Former Bloomington, IN cartoonist and recent graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies!

  • Paul Hosler

    Paul Hosler

  • Jane


  • Emily Mitchell Ayers

    Emily Mitchell Ayers

  • Abdulaziz osman geele

    Abdulaziz osman geele

  • Mike Osswald

    Mike Osswald

    Naturally Curious Experience Innovator & Digital Strategist– Thinking about digital engagement, IA, UX, XD, MarTech, B2B, IoT » Speaker who talks with his hands

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